Service & Terms

Definitions:         Client – person or persons who has agreed for the Company to provide services

                        Company – Lorraine Louise Weddings



The Company shall provide an initial complimentary consultation to determine the Client/s floral requirements for the wedding day


The Company shall provide a detailed quotation following the initial consultation and sourcing the correct flower prices as discussed to secure pricing.  The Company shall offer ideas to best suit your floral requirements and communicate with you as and when is required.

The Company is able to provide a venue visit should the client request to discuss floral styling options, following our initial consultation and once a booking fee is received.


The Company can offer a complimentary mock-up table design when your flower order value spend is more than £1000, excluding any surcharges. If a mock-up is required but the total floral spend is under this amount then a charge of the mock-up shall be given at the quoted price.


The Company can offer various vases, candelabras, props, candlelight and bespoke designs to suit you, all at an additional hire charge where applicable.


The Company shall source and order flowers, at the best quality guaranteed. We will receive and condition the flowers before the wedding date for them to be at their best. We will source vases and sundries to enable us and help create the wedding/event designs unless the Client has provided items themselves and agreed with the Company to use these items. We will package and transport to the designated venue address. We will deliver (if applicable) all your wedding flower requirements, bridal, ceremony and venue. Please see delivery / collection surcharge.


The Company will work on-site (if applicable), place and create your wedding flowers throughout your venue and/or the designated locations including ceremony and venue flowers We will travel and collect all the sundries you have used on your wedding day, after the event (when applicable). Please see delivery / collection surcharge.


Liability and Risk Assessments are available to you and also your wedding venue should they be required



Terms & Conditions


1. Pricing:


No VAT to be added. 

2. Minimum Spend:


Minimum spend for all wedding flowers is £1,000.00, excluding any additional surcharges applicable. If your requirements do not meet the minimum spend, we can create your wedding flowers but they will need to be collected on the day from our premises.


3. Booking Fees and Process:


A 35% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your wedding date.  30% of the balance is due 1 month before the wedding date. If the booking is made less than 3 months before the wedding date 70% of the total invoice will be required. 35% balance is required no later than 4 weeks before the wedding date.


4. Lead Times: 


We shall hold the wedding date for a maximum of 7 days following the date of the quotation sent to you. After this time we will release the date. We are under no obligation to contact you within this time frame.


5. Inclusions:


The costs given in your quotation include labour of skilled florists (make-up), preparation, sourcing, ordering, allocating, logistical planning, flowers, sundries.


6. Delivery, Set up and Collection:


6.1 A 20% delivery and set up/take down, collection (next working day) surcharge will be added to your invoice. This is calculated against all ceremony and venue flowers required. Please see delivery and collection exceptions below.

6.1A.  The set up costs include set up of all displays and installations throughout the venue/s and take down after the event. 


6.2 Should your wedding venue be more than 20 miles from our location, an additional £85.00  for delivery charge and £85.00 for collection charge will be invoiced, on top of any additional charges according to and if applicable to clause 6.3 and clause 7.

6.3 Sunday Delivery and Collection Exceptions:


Should your wedding day be on a Sunday, Bank Holiday i.e Easter Sunday, Monday Bank Holidays an additional £150.00 will be charged. Should your wedding venue require the Company to collect all our borrowed items on a Sunday, an additional £85.00 will be charged. This will be waived should it be agreed that the Bride and Groom return the items within 3 days after the event date or that the venue will allow for us to collect on the next working day.


7. Logistics


Should your wedding venue require the Company to collect items at event close time i.e when license is finished and wedding day is complete for example, a £150.00 collection charge will be submitted. It is down to the client to advise of collection days and times. If the client has not advised of the collection times prior to the event but the company is advised separately, the company will add the charge to the final invoice. If for any reason the client has advised that the venue does not require a collection at the close of event, but the Company is told on the day of set up, the company will charge the client on a separate invoice which will be raised within 48 hours and payment will be due immediately.


8. Waiting times:


8.1 Should you require the Company to wait at the venue where ceremony and wedding breakfast is taking place, for a change around for after the ceremony also taking place at the venue a waiting time of £65.00 will be added to the invoice. T


8.2 Transfer from church to venue Should the client require the company to transport flowers from an external ceremony location i.e. not the same venue as the wedding breakfast / reception, to the venue and set up the flowers at the venue, an additional surcharge will be made based on location, take down, mileage, set up and labour. This will be set out in your quotation.


Amendments to your requirements:


Any changes to your flowers i.e. colours, style, quantities, additional items, less numbers, must be given to the Company no later than 8 weeks before the wedding date.




Any loss or damage of borrowed items will be charged and invoiced at the current retail value to the client, regardless of blame. The invoice is to be paid within 14 days of receipt.




If the Client cancels their wedding date, regardless of circumstance and including a Force Majeure Event, the client must advise the Company within 8 weeks of the wedding date being cancelled, in writing, regardless of circumstances. The Company will not refund any amounts paid, including the non-refundable booking fee, regardless of circumstances including the Covid19 Pandemic and any other pandemic.


If the wedding is cancelled by the Client when the full payment date of the balance is due, the client is liable for full payment. The amount cannot be carried over to an additional date, nor will it be reduced, regardless of circumstances.


If the company cancels the booking, a refund of the booking fee and any other monies paid by the client will be made.




If the Client postpones their wedding date, regardless of circumstance, the client must advise the Company within 8 weeks of the wedding date being postponed, regardless of circumstances. The Company will not refund any amounts paid, regardless of circumstances, for any postponements made.  The services provided by the Company is still willing and able and subject to availability. 


Postponements due to Covid-19 or other Pandemics:


All 2020 booking fees are transferable to new dates, within a reasonable timescale and are not indefinite.


Postponed dates will be honoured for up to 24 months after the original confirmed date.


Force Majeure:


Force majeure: (a) For the purposes of this Contract, Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the reasonable control of Lorraine Louise Weddings including but not limited to strikes or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of Lorraine Louise Weddings or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors. (b) Lorraine Louise Weddings shall not be liable to the Client as a result of any failure to perform its obligations under this Contract as a result of a Force Majeure Event. (c) If the Force Majeure Event prevents Lorraine Louise Weddings from providing the floral designs and services on the Date, Lorraine Louise Weddings shall, without limiting its other rights or remedies and without liability to the Client, have the right to terminate this Contract immediately by giving written notice to the Client. If the Client postpones the wedding date due to any force majeure event i.e Act of God event, the Company shall work with the Client to agree a new date.  Please refer to the Company cancellation policy should the Client request a cancellation due to any Force Majeure event rather than a postponement.


Quarantine of the UK and or EU state:


Lorraine Louise Weddings may be affected if import/export is stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic or other pandemics.  Local and national supplies may be affected if the movement of goods throughout the UK is restricted.  We cannot guarantee a supply of flowers ad relinquish the responsibility in such event.




Lorraine Louise Weddings cannot guarantee prices beyond 1st January 2021 when Britains transition period ends with the EU.  Uncertainty with regard to trade routes and import tariffs will determine costs beyond 2021.




By payment of your no-refundable booking fee, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions stated and will adhere to all the above.



Amendments to these Service and Terms. Please note that these Service and Terms are subject to change at any time. Any changes will be notified to our clients.