Peony and Succulent's, who'd have thought !

You're probably thinking, really.....Im not sure this sounds right ? I can honestly say they do work together. This is the thing with flowers and being a florist. There are so many varieties out there that is down to us to execute the design perfectly. Fluffiness and structure can work together, is just how, that makes the difference. Incorporating elements in to your flowers as we did with Charlottes bouquets, that others may shrug over their shoulder. Be brave, be creative and enjoy the ending. Charlotte and Adam were married at Offley Place nr Hitchin. I love this venue and one of my loveliest friend was married here. Lots of natural light, a staircase that just cries out for florals and beautiful chandeliers with exposed brickwork. A beautiful place that can be adorned with flowers in every room.