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Choosing your wedding flowers might sound easy but what if you want to choose flowers that are only available at a certain time of year? Even the best foliages become out of season. There are thousands of flower varieties out there and the flower growers are continuously creating new blooms to satisfy your taste buds. But what are the key elements you need to look for when choosing the right flowers for your wedding date. Here are my top tips to help you choose your wedding flowers:

1) Create a Mood Board to know the style and look you want to achieve; and Pinterest is fantastic for creating this. Think about the colour and style you want to work with. This doesn't need to include just flowers. Think about home interior, fashion, wellbeing. Think about how you decorate your home. Are you a minimalist with a monochrome Modern style or do you love colour with texture and softness? Do you want a vibrant Summer wedding held in private grounds with a tipi for a blank canvas, or are you planning a grand Winter wedding set in a stately home? Think about your venues surroundings, the natural light and where you are taking your vows. Include ideas for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and additional installations.

2) Research: Find out what flowers are available at the time of year you are planning your wedding. Have you booked a venue in October and want the flowers to predominantly be Peony? This cant be as Peony are only available from May - June. You can get them before and after but will the quality be good enough? Are you wanting to use Cymbidium Orchids in the Summer? Again, these would need to be imported so the cost will rocket. Are you more echo friendly and want to use only English flowers and foliages? What varieties are available and what happens if the UK has a spell of bad weather, cold or hot, that mimics the delivery of the flowers? Are you so unsure that you have decided to trust your florist to come up with the goods....will they?

3) Cost: Be realistic when budgeting for your wedding. How much of your budget can you invest? How much do you think flowers cost? Obviously, the size of your wedding dictates your requirements and therefore may not fall in to an average spend wedding. You also may be mislead from magazines that flowers cost a lot less than what someone quotes you and you want to work towards their budget and not yours. You may also want to create the flowers yourself but where will you buy these flowers from and do you really want to be making flower displays a few days before the wedding? If you are quite happy for flowers to be put in to a vase and not really do anything else then maybe. It all falls on your budget and what this gets you.

When your florists sends a quotation it isn't based purely on the number of stems included in your design. The overall cost of one item should also include the make-up time which includes the conditioning and the preparation of the flowers and designs themselves. Also, how large do you want the displays for the ceremony and reception, do you want foliage included or just flowers, do you want just two flower varieties ie roses and hydrangeas, or are you happy with a mix of blooms? When initially approaching a wedding florist, ask for a price guide first. Although most florists create bespoke designs and all costs are relevant to the style and quantities you require, a price guide always helps you to calculate in order to reach your budget. For instance, a florist may have a minimum spend and / or a minimum price on table displays. If you budget is £600 for table centrepieces based on 10 tables and you want them all tall, the florist you approach may have a minimum design price of £80 per display which means you know immediately that the quotation will be over your budget. This saves time for both you and the florist.

4) Creating Your Wow !! Flowers really do make an impact on your wedding day. They will also be talked about and will also be included in your wedding album. Your wedding day is the one day you can really justify having them play a big part of your day. A lot of my couples plan their whole wedding around the flowers, how lucky am I ! Flowers bring romance, conversation and scent to a beautiful day and they can also be given to guests after the event. Think about where you want flowers to be. For the ceremony, are you having a church wedding and want the aisle lined with displays on the pews on chairs with rose petals and lanterns to create a beautiful romantic walkway. Or maybe an aisle runner, creating a garden of flowers along the walkway for an outdoor wedding. Would you like to say your vows in front of an archway or would you prefer to have suspended halos ? The choice is endless. Keep referring back to your mood board, look at the space available and think about how you can create something that best translates you. Your florist should have a creative mind and be able to offer a venue visit to best advise and inspire you on what can be achieved. Think about your linen, the place settings, the chairs and the surroundings. Your floral styling should complement all your elements of design.

5) Photography: When enlisting your wedding photographer ensure you ask him/him to collect images of your wedding flowers. Everything from the Bridal flowers, the groomsmen wearing their buttonholes and Mums their corsages. The ceremony flowers with close up shots of the flowers incorporated. Ensure you receive images of the room set up before the wedding breakfast as well as your top table design. Ive worked with a few brides this year and have been told that their photographer didn't take photos of the flowers which is just insane !!! The flowers are a huge statement piece and are part of your wedding experience. Capturing beautifully focused images of everything is really important.

These are just five tips to help you in choosing your perfect blooms for your day. I will always advise best with honesty and expert knowledge. If you require additional support including Styling and assistance with your Wedding Planning, you can view my services HERE. Why not add to your Pinterest board from my own wedding flower Portfolio HERE or come along to "A Refined Wedding" held on the 2nd and 3rd February at The Woburn Hotel. This event is by appointment only. Contact me HERE or call 07958744196 for an appointment.

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